Skin Light Therapy

UVB Narrow band skin therapy for treatment of Eczema, psoriasis, hypopigmented lesions, vit D deficiency and vitiligo
What to expect: A fast and easy procedure using a narrow band UVB device combined with a treatment plan, no preparation, down time or side effects,

Acne treatment package:
Skin diagnosis and report, detection of the acne type based on history taking and examination, adjustment of the treatment plan,
Recommendation of selected skin products for daily application and treatment,
Photo Light acne treatment with a specific phototherapy treatment modality is selected accordingly

1- Narrow band UVB combined with IPL, session price: 250 CAD
2- IPL as a monotherapy session price: 200 CAD
3- Mesotherapy for acne session price: 250 CAD
Package: 1+ 2 package price 400 CAD

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