Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser has many popular, affordable and effective applications on the skin and hair,

1- IPL treatment can be used to treat the following cases effectively:
• Acne and Acne scars
• Hair removal
• Birthmarks
• Rosacea
• Hyperpigmentation
• Melasma
• Scars
• Spider veins
• Stretch marks
• Sun damaged skin
• Wrinkles
2- Nd: YAG laser can be a powerful tool and used to achieve fantastic aesthetic results. In general, this laser type can treat the following skin conditions
• Skin discolouration.
• Permanent hair removal
• Spider veins, or other vascular lesions.
• Rosacea
• Skin rejuvenation and tightening
Laser hair removal can be used for all skin types and on a variety of body parts including pigmented or sensitive skin.

Laser can reduce hair growth effectively in a painless procedure, results can reach up to 60-90% of permanent hair removal or more with a scientific, skillful professional practitioners with no side effects in most cases.

• Glabella Laser Hair Removal: CA$49
• Lip or Chin Laser Hair Removal: CA$75
• Lip & Chin Laser Hair Removal: CA$149
• Neck Laser Hair Removal: CA$75
• Underarms Laser Hair Removal: CA$99
• ½ Arm Laser Hair Removal: CA$149
• Full Arm Laser Hair Removal: CA$199
• Fingers or Toes Laser Hair Removal: CA$49
• Feet Laser Hair Removal: CA$75
• Basic Bikini Laser Hair Removal: CA$149
• French cut Bikini Laser Hair Removal: CA$199
• Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal: CA$249
• Chest Laser Hair Removal: CA$225
• Shoulders Laser Hair Removal: CA$145
• ½ Leg Laser Hair Removal: CA$175

IPL Treatment prices:
• ½ Face IPL: CA$149
• Full Face IPL: CA$199
• Face & Neck IPL: CA$249
• Face, Neck & Decollete IPL: CA$299
• Chest IPL: CA$150
• Neck IPL: CA$75
• ½ Arms IPL: CA$145
• Full Arms IPL: CA$249
• Full Legs IPL: CA$345
• Acne Laser Treatment Cheeks: CA$149
• Acne Laser Treatment Full Face: CA$199
• Hands IPL: CA$99
• ½ Legs IPL: CA$249


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